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Keys to prevent back pain

February 14th, 2013

The back pain caused by poor posture and lack of exercise have become common today . At the point where it has become the second leading cause of sick leave after trauma.

The bad postural habits generate a certain constant tension in the muscles , which increases the pressure on the vertebral discs causing the medium to long term wear these structures .

back pain

Physical exercise helps develop muscle tone and helps prevent back pain or bodily discomfort . It is recommended to do Pilates , yoga and swimming. For people who go for a walk is recommended for 30-60 minute brisk , and must use good shoes

The time off is without doubt one of the most important , so we must have a good mattress and a comfortable pillow , as they are key factors in the health of the back. Having a soft flexible mattress allows the body to adjust more easily , allowing better blood circulation.

No doubt the stress is one of the main factors lumbar discomfort , as it influences mood . According to experts, many of the patients with depression express somatic symptoms , such as back pain , dizziness, or upset stomach . Therefore it is necessary to perform activities that generate personal satisfaction .

back pain exercises

In some work environments employees spend several hours sitting , for this reason it is important to have the correct position. In this case , the arms should be placed at an angle of 90 ° and forearm with the hand in a straight line . At the time of writing it is recommended to support the arms, this will prevent overloading the muscle that goes from shoulder to neck.

In this way we learn to improve our posture and avoid back pain and physical discomfort .

Find the best position for your health

January 4th, 2013

The correct position of the spine is one of the key elements for a healthy sleep.

Prevent. Postural health is key to preventing injuries and should be inculcated from childhood.
This fact can also be applied to daily life, as often takes back that can cause poor posture lesiones.En this line, the Professional Association of Physiotherapists in the Community of Madrid has launched a study to determine the postural habits in children to highlight the importance of education in this regard. According to the study, for which parents has had between 39 and 42 years, 47% said that their school-age children have or have had in the last year back problems. From this and other analysis suggests that good healthy posture becomes a pending for everyone. The result of this observation, the center offers a number of healthy tips:

In everyday tasks
Among school children 6-8 years, the gesture of getting out of bed is mostly forward instead of to the side body. Another problem detected in children is how to feel at home at the time of breakfast and dinner. At a ratio of almost 6 in 10 parents collapse in the chair when they sit to eat and, about 48% acknowledge that their children gather ground objects, bending the trunk with the knees. For adults, avoid positions held for a longer time, so it is advisable to change the board or switch arm weight when you are standing upright. If necessary bend to make the bed or brushing your teeth, it is recommended to keep your back straight and bend your knees. Finally, to reach high areas, better climb a ladder to stand on tiptoe.

Weight loading and transport
The students, aged 6 to 8 years, carrying an average of 4.7 kilos in my backpack and, about 3 out of 10 schools, transport of 5-9 kilos. Since it is an age whose weight does not exceed 30 kilos, would be substantially exceeded the recommendation to take from 10 to 15% of body weight. In addition, 11% of school children carrying school backpack carrying recognize hung on one shoulder or drag, when it is advisable to prevent injuries push. Moreover, adults, the shopping, come to bear about 5 or 6 kilos per bag. Occasionally, they may carry three or four pockets in each hand and, in the worst case, the lead in one arm, which is undesirable.

Against the Computer
The top edge of the monitor should be at eye level or slightly below, the mouse next to the keyboard and the legs and thighs at 90 degrees. It is advisable that your feet are flat on the floor or footrest sobreun, head and neck upright, shoulders relaxed, forearms, wrists and hands in a straight line and, finally, elbows close to the body.

During the break
The elements used to sleep are also important. Thus, the pillow, the mattress and the sleeping surface should be as individualized as possible to the morphology gives each to ensure quality sleep.

All osteoporosis

November 26th, 2012

Cerezuela Carolina and his mother, Josefa Gil, starring Pikolin promoting solidarity against osteoporosis.
Pikolin, brand leader in the break, introduced last June Mattress Solidarity Campaign hand of actress Carolina Cerezuela and mother Josefa Gil. The company, maintaining its strong commitment to promoting health, joined on this occasion, with the Spanish Association Against Osteoporosis to inform and raise awareness of the importance of prevention in the fight against this disease.

The 35% of the female population from age 50 is affected by osteoporosis, and after 60 years, 50% could be. In total, three million people suffer from this disease in Spain, most of whom are women, but only 10% of those affected are diagnosed.

The increase in the number of patients suffering for the past 20 years has been a 54% increase in the number of fractures caused by this disease, in the case of women, this increase amounts to 64%. On average, the risk of osteoporotic fracture for a woman over her lifetime is 40%.

Osteoporosis no specific symptomatology, until fracture occurs. In case of suspicion, it is best to see a doctor. The disease is usually detected by densitometry, which measures bone mass and allows an early diagnosis of the disease.