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The School of Nursing

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The www.schoolofNursing.com is committed to excellence in education, leading in Nursing Science. Nursing faculty are highly qualified with expertise in various areas of expertise. It is noted for his dedication, leadership and futuristic attitude to face the new challenges that demand higher education.

The mission of the www.schoolofNursing.com is to train professionals capable of dealing with sound knowledge and current health needs and disease in line with the demands of the social environment capable of critical analysis and propose effective solutions to problems in their specific field work, aware of the ethical, social and economic activity.

You need to be in good mental and physical, is offered to students as well be afforded all the theoretical and practical curriculum the possibility of using psychodrama, elements that help to self-knowledge, which involves the strengthening of his personality to deal with different situations that arise in the craftsmanship.

Typical tasks of the student during the race

  • Developing clinical case studies.
  • Dynamically participate in the health-nursing and the development of theoretical-practical knowledge on community participation.
  • Interacting with health professionals in different areas (hospitals, community, family and others) where care is provided to users.
  • Develop nursing diagnoses to individuals and groups.
  • To participate in the dynamics of health and social production development projects, research and educational programs.

The students of nursing must participate in the development of the country, respect for human rights and development activities of people. Greater gender equality can increase productivity, improve development outcomes for the next generation and make the institutions more representative.